CyberKiko site is operated by Kristof Gajsek. I’ve been in computer programming business for more than two decades, working on projects like:

Products on this site were my free time projects. During COVID crisis, due to new responsibilities, my free time dropped to almost zero. Thus, these projects are now deprecated, and no longer actively developed and supported.


I’m located in Sostanj, Slovenia (European Union member state).


I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Privacy and Spyware/Adware policy

I’m committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience on my web site. I’m collecting no personal information from users.

If you contact me or require support, I will only use your e-mail to respond. Your e-mail and/or any other personal information will never be kept and stored longer than necessary or used for sending you unsolicited e-mail (spam) and will never be given or sold to third party.

If you subscribe to product’s mailing lists, you will receive occasional newsletter about product’s updates, tips, known issues, etc. Mailing lists are maintained by Campaign Monitor, known by its strong anti-spam policy.

All products on my site are written by me. I never include code or 3rd party components that may be considered spyware/adware, or might breach user’s privacy.